10.10.2016New Plan-G files
Germany and Swiss VFR files addet for Plan-G
10.07.2016Update Homepage
Change of the design and the menue. If the Homepage looking not correct on your side, try to press [STRG]+[F5] that it reload complitly new
04.07.2016LOIH V1.0
LOIH a small airfield in Voralberg (Austria) is now available for download. The airport has one runway 630 x 18m (2067 x 59ft) and 8 hangars
30.06.2016LOWW V1.1 Rwy Patch
Some guy's reported problems with the runway approach lights and the VASI System. With the new patch they should be resolved.
30.01.2015A must have for all VFR Pilots
I have now the first Plan-G airspace and VFR waypoints file online. Check it out that you didn't fly into controlled airspaces. This is version1 there will be update's cause there are some areas missing
Patrick Weineis
23.01.2015Good afternoon
my database for the register is broken yesterday. The data are lost.If you want get news for the scenery you must register again.
sry for the trouble
Patrick Weineis